Duraclean is a company whose opportunities usually ride on the back of Mother Nature, making long range staffing plans little more than exercises on a Ouija Board. That's where Craft Solutions enter the equation. We have large loss offices in several cities up and down the coasts and have needed good, and I stress good, people with very little notice and Craft Solutions has come through every time.

What is surprising to me is we receive compliments on the work ethics of people from Craft Solutions. That's always been amazing to me. Temporary help steps in to work next to our people and the clients can't tell the difference. I have called Craft on projects all over the East and Gulf Coasts and they have always delivered.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to give thanks for the opportunity to work with Craft. I worked for you guys while at Cherry Point Marine Air Station in Havelock, NC. While the job itself was a bit frustrating, Gina and Ian made things so much easier and worth it. If an issue were to arise, one would simply go to them and it would be quickly addressed and resolved.

Where an opportunity arise to work with Craft again, the project and location would be the main concern, not Craft. Where Craft leads, I would follow.

Thank you for the pleasant experience!